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At Resettle we understand the unique challenges of living and working in a new country. We also understand that employees will be able to give their job their best when their families feel supported. We want you to settle well into your new lives.

From the pre-assignment trip, home and school search, to arrival welcoming and departure assistance, trained consultants from Resettle will help ease you into your new lives in India by reducing the complexity of international relocation. Personalized support for families is provided to help them feel at home abroad.

Why Us?

Why choose RESETTLE?Relocating internationally comes with a set of challenges that are country specific and those that you may not be familiar with. In India specifically, it may range from language barriers, customs regulations, to negotiating the safest housing options.

Our experience with over 20 years in international moving tells us that better-informed assignees will adjust much better to the new environment. That is why we are there to take you through the process in a time efficient manner. We also understand the needs of your family and want to make them as comfortable as possible.

Our local, on-ground knowledge combined with the depth of experience helps assignees, giving them unique insight into how to manage day to day tasks and have an enjoyable stay in India.

India has a lot to explore and we want to make sure you are well equipped for this wonderful journey!