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Who is Moving


The challenge of moving as individuals is taking all decisions on your own and acquiring a social network quickly in your new country of work. At Resettle, we are there to help you along this process. You are about to begin a new journey and we want to help you make the best decisions.

You can leave the hassle of home search, lease negotiations, setting up of utilities and other such task to us. With respect to understanding the work environment challenges in India, we offer quick orientation on basic dos and don’ts in India.

No matter how independent you are, finding a social network is always a challenge. We are happy to introduce you to other expat circles and organize day trips across the city to soak up some of India. These are customized based on what you wish to explore.


It is always challenging to make sure your spouse is well taken care of when you are away at work. At Resettle, we provide spouse support, based on what your spouse’s interests are. An overseas assignment is only a success when you and your partner both enjoy the experience.

As couples, we take into account needs specified by both parties when carrying out a home search for you. We are all about care and we want to take your every need into account and make your relocation a seamless and efficient process in our new neighborhood of choice.

As couples without children, you may want to take advantage of travelling around India and exploring the rich diversity of the country. Dip into our resources and trained professionals at Resettle to help you plan your exploration of India.

Couples with Children

For young children who are school going, we have a special school search program where we help you identify the appropriate school and take you for visits. We also want to engage you with other expat couple with children to create a social network for you in your new city. Each Indian city offers a wealth of options for extra curricular activities for children and mothers. Take advantage of these during your stay here!

Older children and teens may enjoy doing their own online research and learning about the most popular spots and activities. Reassure your children that they will make friends quickly, and that they can easily keep in touch with old friends through e-mail and social media.

So rely on us and enjoy exploring your Indian city!